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Recycling / Fido Trade


Take advantage of the FidoTRADE™ program to get a credit towards your new Fido phone without having to pay more from your pocket.

Fido now takes back any used phone with the battery. You’ll get a credit equivalent to your used phone’s value, if applicable, for use in-store on the cost of your new phone or accessories. The FidoTRADE program is available when you buy and activate a new Fido phone - even on a Prepaid plan.

With FidoTRADE™, you can get rid of your old phone. The program takes back all types of devices from any carrier in Canada, the U.S. or any other country in the world.

Fido teams up with Flipswap

Flipswap is a leading provider of an incentivized device trade-in and recycling program, that determines the value for devices based on four evaluation questions:

Device trade-in credits are applied against the new Fido phone that customers are purchasing when:

Flipswap will Plant a Tree on your behalf

For phones that have depreciated over time and have no trade-in value, Flipswap will plant a tree on your behalf when you donate your used device. Trees are planted by award-winning agroforestry organizations in twelve tropical countries fighting deforestation and poverty.


Offer subject to change without notice, not available at all locations. Value of trade-in device, if any, determined using a third-party tool provided by Flipswap, Inc.; trade-in value is final and non-negotiable. Offer available with purchase of a Fido phone on a monthly plan or on Prepaid service. For new Fido monthly plan customers and Prepaid customers: Credit will be applied in-store to the value of the new device purchased. If new phone price is lesser than credit amount, remaining credit must be used on concurrent purchase of accessories or credit will be lost. For existing Fido monthly plan customers: Credit will be applied to your Fido account for the new device purchased, and will appear on one of your next two invoices. In each case, if you return your new device, your original device will not be returned to you and you will lose the value of the credit. Subject to the FidoTRADE Terms & Conditions